sobota, 12. oktober 2019


When the spies and mayor found that they had escaped from a secret exit to another country, they immediately called for additional special measures and notification all border crossings to carefully inspect each car that would cross the border. Unfortunately, the car was already in another country.  They told him that everything it’s ok with his daughter, if he followed their new directions to resolve her daughter. Of course, the price has gone up.

torek, 08. oktober 2019


Thomas and Rosemarie deicded not to give her money, but to kidnap her. Unfortunately, they had a hot bag tied up and taken to a van. They didn't have tape to seal her mouth. That's why she was screaming so hard the all way. But no one has heard her anyway because the car is soundproof. When they arrived, they secretly took her to a room that no one saw. They then sent a letter to the mayor starting that they had  captured her daughter and she would be returned if she released with stolen loot. The mayor calls the special forces to find her. When they were found, police surrounded the house. The mayor called them and told them not to move or they would die. They escaped trough a secret exit and into another country.


They have come to the main city of Bulgaria. They changed their looks
and now no one can find them. Sofia is a tourist city.

Rosemarie and Thomas walked through the city. Money fell from the
gentelman in front of us and Thomas took it. When the turned araund the
police officer looked at thomas. Maybe he wanted me to return the
money. The police officer come to us and showed us a newspaper that
we were in. He asked us, if we have seen this two thieves. We were very
scared and told him no.
They were very tired from the trip and went to bed on the bench. The mission has began. Next day at 14:50 pm. Therewere two security officer. It was fog at the time, so they could sneak into the museum more easily. They went down the stairs to a small room in the museum where there precious diamonds in the middle. They wondered why there was no security guard. Rosemarie decided to steal
a couple of diamands and she succeeded. They found out it was closed today. They quickly decided to run out, but the daughter of the president was at the door. Oh no, she asked us to give her all the money or she will give us away. Hope we are not in serious trouble.
What to do?, How to decide?

nedelja, 22. september 2019


Rosemarie and Thomas are leaving the hotel at 4 in the morning without paying for staying,and without knowing where to go. It's october and the weather is cold and rainy. While running away Rosemarie steps on a newspaper and her face immidetaly changes.
We made a mistake. A big mistake, look. Now we will no longer be able to hide ourselves, we are on the cover of all the news-papers.  We have money, we don't know where to spend, we have weapons, but we promised ouselves not to become murderes, we have everything,but nothing, we have daughter, but she is not with us anymore. I will never forget the day when Big Boss shot her in her thiny little chest at the age of 2. It was the day when we became stronger. I will take everything from that man, i will take so much money from people that everyone will know who we are, and no one will be able to stop us. Then we will be the leaders of the world.

She picks it up and together with Thomas they go and find theirselves some outfits that change their looks a bit so they stay unrecognized for the rest of the week. It's time to change their location. By bus this time they travell to Sofia.

ponedeljek, 16. september 2019


It is very early in the morning and Thomas is waking up. He is going to the city to visit Matteo's shop. He is going in, there are many guns, weapons and drugs inside in. He fills his bag full to the top and leaves the store.While he wants to peacefully walk away from the store he hears voices. He quickly escapes, and he finds out it was police sent by the Big Boss.  Luckily Thomas quickly escaped.

He is going back to the hotel, but he needs to stay under cover. He prefers to stay in his room for the rest of the day knowing the Bigg Boss will never stop looking for him.

sreda, 11. september 2019


''Our journey will start in Rome, far away from home and even further away from Big Boss. We will there meet someone as innocent as the Big Boss was and take money from him. He sells wapons and drugs, so he probably has a lot of money. His name is Matteo, italian most dangerous man.,,

They want to take money from him and run away. But they have one problem. The big man, the Big Boss is already looking for them everywhere. They have  to stay undercover, otherwise they will die.
It's already dark.
Thomas thinks about where could they go, not to be recognised. Soon they are located in a hotel near the Central Sqare in Rome. Thomas tells Rosemarie that he is verry worried and they soon find out that even people in Italy are looking for them. He thinks  for a long time and he falls  asleep.
What happens next will open the doors to the all story.

ponedeljek, 09. september 2019


He pays tickets, she stares out of window.
He smiles slightly, she looks worried.
His name is Thomas, her name is Rosemarie.
They're both criminals.

We did it. We have everything we wanted. But... Sometimes I wonder what will come to us next.
From now on, our life will be... Wild. Crazy. Fun. And then? I supose they'll get us. We are heading for disaster. We're heading for death, we know it's here , we just don't know how close it really is. This is it. Life. Death. The thin life between them. And the money. We shouldn't forget the money. After all, money is what we wanted and what we took from the Big Boss. It's money that can kill us.
The only question is... What will happen next?


When the spies and mayor found that they had escaped from a secret exit to another country, they immediately called for additional special m...