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In the mean tume Rosemarie was talking to a hot dude, she just met. They seem to have a lot in commkn, a lot. In her head she was thinking : you should go help Max, you should go help Max, you should go help Max. But she didn't go. Enily was trying to do everything in her powers to keep max from hurting… She just wished that Rosemarie would be there with her. In a few mjnutes she came. They called 911 emergency number. In half an hour the ambulance came. They drove him to the hospital. When his mom heard the news, she rushed to see if her son is Ok. They examined him. He was okay, but he stretched his muscle in his arm. He had to go to a surgery. 

nedelja, 12. april 2020


They were runing as fast as they can. A van was driving behind them, Max was so scared, but he needed to save Emily. Max was romantic, but he never said to Emily that he would give her his life, but he was prepared to do it. He grabed Emily and jumped to the river. They get rid of the van and went to the coast. They were still alive. Emily started kissing Max, and he was kissing her back. While their kiss, the biology teacher came and said: »Emily! Max! Dear god what happened to you!?« They were really ashamed, I think their teacher saw them kissin all wet on the coast.


Max stood in front of the house for a long time. He was scared, but decided to save Emely. He wanted to come in, but the door was locked. There was a window next to the door. He climbed into the house. There was no light, so it was very dark. He heard noises coming from the room across the hall. He was very quiet. He heard Emely's voice so he called a police. Because he spoke very loudly, they heard him and tied him to a chair next to Emely's. They asked him if he have the money, but at that moment Emely drove off and ran out the window.

Before being tied to a chair, Max spoke to the police. He told them where he was, so they arrived at the place as quickly as possible. What will happen to Emely now?

sreda, 18. marec 2020


Max was very scared for Emily as he had no idea where he was. It said the kidnapper wanted 1M dollars. He didn't have that much money. He remembered that his mom had a precious diamond that was very valuable and maybe a diamond could sell and get money. Other friends were also lying on deck chairs and he thought it was a joke that his friends had set for him. He woke up all his friends and asked them if they had seen Emily. None of her friends saw her. Max decided to find her.
At the kidnapper:
Emily was in shock. She had a berth across her eyes. She didn't know who she was touching. Emily was put in a van and taken somewhere. Along the way, Emily's scarf fell to the ground.

Max was still looking for her but didn't find her. He reviewed everything. He called police and told about the abduction. After 2 hours, Max found a scarf that was from Emily. Next to it was a large house, where there was a chair on the floor, a string and a mooring for the eyes. Here's the first clue, will Max with the combined strength of the police manage to find Emily?


He was thinking about who would kidnap her, but he didn't know who could be the one to go to the police and tell him exactly what happened. The police told him to bring him an envelope. He brought them an envelope and when he got home he got another envelope in front of the door. The pen had to bring money to a specific address tomorrow. And if anyone's pride next to her will kill her. He was scared of this letter and of the websites of the police, about what would happen. So he went there alone and with too little money.

petek, 06. marec 2020


He was so scared, because he didn't know where to finf 1M dollars. He didn't even have half a milion in his bank account.
He had to find out whl kidnapped her. That was very hard, because they didn't have many contacts with other people and no one actually knew where they were.
He was thinking if she had cheated on him, because someone got their locatiln, someone knew where they were all the time.
Emily was somewhere unknown and was very scared. She had a tape over her mouth and she couldn't see. Someone was touching her but she couldnt find out who was that.

  1. They were both so scared, so far from each other with no clue what to do. 

četrtek, 27. februar 2020


Max was in shock. Emily helped him get out of the water. Her legs were shaking. Fortunately, everything was ok with Max. Max invited Emily to the hot tub. They were having a very romantic time, drinking cocktails, hugging each other ... After the party, they were so drunk. They slept right there on the deck chairs. In the morning Max looked at the phone. He noticed that he had many messages. Emely was not there. He was worried about where he was. He went to see where he was. There was an envelope on one of the deck chairs. It contained a letter that read: '' make 1 million or she die. '' He didn't know what to do because he didn't have that much money.


In the mean tume Rosemarie was talking to a hot dude, she just met. They seem to have a lot in commkn, a lot. In her head she was thinking...